Photos by Kathy Wright Hardy


Photos by: Susan Richardson

American Holly (Ilex opaca)

    Dawn Redwood tree (Metasequoia glyptostroboides)


Photo by: Diane Bauknight


Photo by: Ken Czarnomski


Photo by: Diane Bauknight



   Catawba rhododendron  Photo by Penelope Reed

Bluets  Photo by Penelope Reed



The Eastern Hellbender

Photos by Taylor Reed

Bluebird Gallery

Photocam pictures from Nancy Newlin

April 19 Wildflower Walk – GSMNP Baxter Creek

Dwarf Crested Iris Photo by Allen Miller


Big Creek
Photo by Bruce Holcombe

Photo by Barbara Harrison

Thousands of Yellow Trillium

Photo by Barbara Harrison




Forest Restoration Alliance and Hemlock Restoration Initiative volunteer work day on March 31st. If you would like to volunteer for future events please see our Citizen Science blog or go to the Hemlock Restoration Initiative website.

Photo by Kathy Hardy


Photo by Kathy Hardy

December 2016, Group Hike to Purchase Knob

Purchase Knob

Today was a refreshing joy at Purchase Knob. Diane, Barbara, Ann, Donna, Bob, Kurt, and Jim thanks for supplying the journey with your presence. It was a great way to end 2016. Happy New Year!

A Gallery of Feathered Friends, courtesy of James Polling

Yellow Warbler

Yellow Warbler


Lonnie Crotts and her trail findings

—Photo, Lonnie Crotts



Gray-foot lancetooth (Haplotrema concavum)? If so, it is supposed be a fierce predatory snail, and only one of two species in the East that feeds on other snails.






Photo by Penelope Reed

Photo by Taylor Reed