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Photographer of the Month – Jonathan Marchal


Jonathan Marchal is the Youth Education Manager at The North Carolina Arboretum, a position that affords him many opportunities to enjoy the beauty and biodiversity of our mountains. He is also past president of the Environmental Educators of North Carolina, and an avid contributor to iNaturalist (in fact, most of the images included here are also observations he has submitted) and other citizen science projects. Jonathan is also a woodworker, and his wife Sarah raise their two children (Harper, 5 and Bruce, 3) in Black Mountain and enjoy frequent romps throughout Pisgah National Forest, the Blue Ridge Parkway and surrounding areas.

Birds, Inspiration

Photographer of the Month – James Poling

James Poling is a Blue Ridge Naturalist who moved to Black Mountain, NC in 2008. His specialties are bird and wildflower photography, purely as a hobby that can be shared with friends and on facebook.  In his previous life he lived in Chicago and worked as a professor of pastoral counseling. He and Nancy have two children and six grandchildren, ages 12-18.

Barred Owl


Bald Eagle


White Ibis


Hooded Merganser


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